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Guggenheim, Helsinki

Architecture / Interior Design

2014 Unbuilt. Helsinki, Finland

Interior Atrium.jpg

The expansive stone facade is a reflection of Helsinki’s history paying homage to the Suomenlinna, a nearby sea fortress and the museum’s interiors and galleries capture Finland’s growing culture, craftsmanship, and modern art scene.

Interior Gallery.jpg

This project bridges surrounding communities and cultures of Helsinki into the new Guggenheim Museum. The museum acts as a primary threshold to this domain by linking both the existing community with the new culture permeating through Finland’s capital city.  The public forecourt blends the threshold between interior and exterior spaces blurring the lines between the public and private to create a new civic realm. Suomenlinna’s proximity is a nexus to the nearby seafront vital to the city itself. Finnish woodwork pervades through the interior is highlighted against a neutral interior, showcasing its exemplary craftsmanship, ferrying patrons between exhibits and galleries.

Interior Plaza.jpg
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