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Foursquare Offices

Architecture / Interior Design

Completed 2012. 28,000 s.f, New York City


The Gallery Viewing Wall cuts through the central corridor providing a sweeping view of the colorful badge themed conference rooms.


Working closely with the Foursquare team, their app and branding identity is transformed into an architectural scale. This was achieved by creating a “gallery wall” viewing and entrance area that reflects the check-in identity concept . There is a long series of horizontal banded windows that gives the visitor a glimpse of the badge themed conference rooms and views of the work environment behind the reception area. In order to meet the accelerated construction deadline the creative reuse, recycling and relocation of furniture, glass systems and various materials was used to complete construction in three weeks while also reducing overall expenses. The simple use of elements such as glass, steel, wood, marker boards and painted accent walls is featured throughout the space.