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Burrow HQ

Architecture / Interior Design

Completed 2018. Size: 5,000 s.f, New York City


Burrow’s new Headquarters is full of greenery and is sporting a micro showroom, photo-shoot set, design studio, and pin-up space for prototyping and sharing their inspirations and innovations simultaneously with guests and social media.

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Burrow’s couch-in-a-box product line has disrupted how people buy and receive furniture and is continuing to innovate not only on their own designs but also expanding their product line to include all manner of home goods. The new headquarters curates the experience of working in a Brooklyn loft meets ‘Jungalow’ to provide the comfort and inspiration of being at home while working in the office.

Foliage pervades every sight-line as potted plants, green walls, and planter boxes are positioned around the entire workspace. Even the clusters of sit-stand desks wrap around long planter boxes essentially giving each employee their own garden.

Around the perimeter of the office each phone booth and bathroom has a highly decorated theme to help staff to further step away from the feeling of working and rather that they are in a stream of creativity. Whether working at their desk or further certifying how comfy the couches are, there is still ample area for inventors to engage in the design studio and pin-up wall to brainstorm Burrow’s next steps into the future.