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Alley Powered by Verizon

Architecture / Interior Design / Set Design / Construction Management

Completed 2018. Size: 15,000 s.f, New York City

The collaboration of Alley’s community with Verizon’s innovation creates this next-level ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

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“As always, Echo Design + Architecture hit a homerun with designing a collaborative experience for the Alley community. This design brings together the best of Alley, while incorporating our new Verizon collaboration. We are always thinking about how our physical locations can add value to the community, and executing our core values to provide a better experience for our members and anyone who touches the Alley brand. This is it, and it is brilliant.”

- Jason Saltzman, Alley CEO and Founder

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Alley Powered by Verizon is a joint venture to blend the community of Alley’s workplaces with the amenities to support some of the tech industry’s most innovative groups in one collaborative space. In order to keep up with the demands of technology’s dynamic evolution the workspace is able to adapt accordingly, this flexibility is present throughout the design in the form of multi-functional areas and novel construction.


Right in the center of the workplace is the Maker Space that features two sliding walls. Carrying white boards and TV displays, the sliding walls can be positioned to accommodate different scales of meetings and presentation from brainstorming sessions and workshops to product demonstrations and lectures. One corner of the Maker Space triangle hosts a VR Lab with a 90” TV display that can be opened for members to demo the newest advancements in Virtual Reality technology or even closed off for private screenings.

ALLEY VERIZON Maker render.jpg